1. pledge, assurance, word, solemn word, word of honor, parole, Archaic. troth; vow, oath, sworn statement or declaration, testimony; endorsement, signature, written statement, testimonial; attestation, affirmation, profession, avowal, asseveration, avouchment; engagement, betrothal, Archaic. plight; marriage contract, marriage bond, marriage vow; obligation, bond, agreement, contract, compact, covenant, pact, Rare. paction, treaty; gentleman's agreement, unwritten agreement, understanding; guarantee, guaranty, warrant, warranty, Law. covenant of warranty, Law. warranty deed, Obs. vouch.
2. potential, potency, ability, capacity, capability.
3. pledge, give one's word or solemn word, give one's word of honor, give one's parole, Inf. cross one's heart and hope to die; vow, solemnly swear, state on one's honor, swear to, declare or state under oath, Law. testify; assure, offer assurance, aver, asseverate, affirm, avouch, declare, state, profess; guarantee, warrant, vouch for, attest to, bear witness to, testify to; engage, oblige, obligate, contract, covenant, enter an agreement, make a bargain or deal, shake on it; endorse, sign, Inf. sign on the dotted line.
4. give hope of, look like, show signs of, seem likely to, be in the cards; indicate, denote, bespeak, signify; betoken, portend, foreshadow, foretoken, augur, presage.
5. plight, affiance, betroth, become engaged, pledge to marry.

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